Wednesday 8 May 2024

How to Hire an Illustrator When Self-publishing?

 Children’s book writers most of the time need to collaborate with a professional illustrator to draw the cartoons of the characters or any event on one side of the page. If the book is written as comics, then the illustrator becomes the star of the book where they have to draw everything and write the dialogues within the bubbles. When you are writing even a manga, hire an illustrator, well-acquainted with trending anime arts. 

Here are some ideas for hiring an illustrator when self-publishing—

Explore the previous works

While searching for a uniquely gifted illustrator for Amazon self publishing a book, check out their previous works or their current projects. Most importantly, you should know about their love for the genre before appointing them for a successful outcome. 

Get a reference 

Many self-publishing agencies in London, also renowned for being an explainer video animation company can suggest talented individuals that you can appoint for drawing the illustrations for the manga, comics or even a book for children you have just finished. Have a word with the illustrator directly to know about their efficiency and interest in taking up your work.

A part of a bestselling book

Your desire to create a bestselling book can drive you to meet a few top-notch illustrators, reputed for contributing to quite a few bestselling books loved by young readers. For your next Kindle book publishing, you might want to collaborate with a talented illustrator with whom your book can reach the category of bestsellers. 


Finally, make sure the illustrator is reputed for being client-friendly. The person should have the patience to work with the author understand their expectations and draw the animations accordingly. 

Hire an amiable and creative illustrator who has already proved their exceptional talent in the volumes of books they have contributed to. 

Wednesday 3 April 2024

Ideas to Establish Yourself as a Kindle Independent Publishing Author

 If you don’t agree to make any creative compromise by dealing with a traditional publisher or don’t agree to the third-party vetting of your work before they send the approval letter- go for Kindle independent publishing the ideal place for free thinking writers! 

Today, the majority of writers whether new or bestselling- are choosing Amazon publishing UK or any other self-publishing option to have 100% control and to maintain the speed of publishing. They can also earn more royalties by having full control of the publishing including the decision of profit margins. 

Here are some ideas to establish yourself as a Kindle independent publishing author—

Get vetted by an industry expert

While publishing traditionally, the works of the writers are thoroughly vetted by industry experts. However, while self publishing UK, this feature goes missing causing to lack of the potential to drive more target audiences to like the book. Therefore, get your manuscript vetted by expert editors or book writers before publishing to add sharpness to the overall writing.

Attend an online writing class

Even professional writers often attend online writing classes to improve their writing skills. They get to know about the recent writing patterns and ideas to develop a plot more creatively. 

Start writing short stories for your blog

Before approaching the book publishers in London, develop your goodwill as a successful blogger where you have already posted quite a few stories.

Share a blurb at any online book club

Writing a blurb for your book is an art. Share the blurb with online book clubs to see the response before publishing your book.

Saturday 2 March 2024

How to Kindle Publishing Your Book in the UK?

 Right now, a certain section of Amazon’s book-buying customers shop for only Kindle copies over hard copies and paperback. Most writers whether debutants or prolific ones with millions of fans globally- prefer publishing their eBooks in the Kindle Store much before the paperbacks or hardcopies are published. Therefore, if you have written a book and want it to reach the status of a bestseller in just a few days – go for Kindle publishing UK, before you think of investing further in printing the books.

Here are a few steps you need to follow for Kindle publishing your eBook in the United Kingdom—

Prepare a manuscript 

Firstly, for publishing a book on Kindle, you need a ready manuscript that is already digitally converted, edited, and ready to get published. Whether you write the book by yourself or have asked for ghostwriting- before Kindle self publishing a book UK – you need a final copy of the book.

Connect with a self publishing agency 

Collaborating with a self-publishing agency extending their help for Kindle publishing in the UK can shoulder the majority of the responsibility. You can depend on the expertise of the professionally talented individuals onboard offering myriad services any writer needs before and after publishing their book on a digital platform.

From assisting you with professional editing to helping you find an explainer video agency for a better understanding of your Kindle readers- you can get complete support from the self-publishing agency based in London or anywhere across the United Kingdom.

They also have professional illustrators, layout designers, proofreaders, eBook converters and different other service providers. Team up with these service providers according to your requirements.  

Design book covers 

Expert book cover designers have a key role when you publish a book whether in an eBook version or printed versions. Hire a talented professional for that job to drive the attention of your target readers.

Friday 26 January 2024

Ideas to Start Your Career as a Writer

 The creative passion of many individuals leads them to become successful writers in the future. It’s not always true that most of them started liking scribbling on paper in their childhood, many celebrated authors have become successful at a mature age. Your intensity of writing whether essays, fiction, or poetry can inspire you to move a step forward to publish your creations. Start with self-publishing and it can be even better if you opt for Kindle Direct Publishing UK to reach out to more readers faster.

At present, a huge section of readers prefer reading eBooks on their Kindle devices or smartphones, laptops or computers. The sales rate of digital copies is even skyrocketing than paperbacks or hard copies. Have a close collaboration with a reputed Amazon publishing agency spreading their hands for new authors interested in using the digital platform to publish their book. Despite launching the eBooks on Amazon’s platform, self-publishing authors can also launch their paperbacks and hard copies here.

Here are some steps to start your career as a writer—

Stay focused 

In a recent interview with Songs of Ice and Fire famed George. R. R. Martin, Stephen King confessed that he maintains a deadline of writing six pages every day with everything done on it. This is how he can easily finish any book in two months while the former is failing to complete his last installment of the incredibly popular franchise in the past couple of years. Stay focused and be determined to complete at least three pages every day and maintain a deadline to finish writing your book including focusing on designing the book covers front and back, layouts, and illustrations during the process.

Be an avid reader

Good authors are good readers. You should keep reading as much as you can to not only increase your knowledge of the same genre but also to know how the book layout designer has shown his creativity.

Also, join book clubs to get the opinion of other readers there while you still write the pages.

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Saturday 6 January 2024

7 Things to Do When Book Self-publishing UK

 When the book is ready to get published, the authors start to be concerned about its marketing. Though most creative writers are investing in self publishing books UK rather than getting stranded in the long queue of manuscripts at the popular publishers’ offices, they have to show creativity when it comes to promotions. If you’re a debuting author then you have to go an extra mile to promote your new book among the target audiences.

You can visit any press where they can print your book. However, working shoulder to shoulder with a reputed self-publishing agency like White Magic Studios will be a lifetime experience. We assure you with 100% ROI by offering an all-inclusive self-publishing services needed. For a hassle-free publishing experience and to get the best of a team work, signing up with a self-publishing agency will be your first priority.

Here are a few steps discussed about your new self-published book—

Work with the best cover designers 

Focus on creating a strong first impression among the readers. For that, the book should have a creative and alluring cover design. Hire one of the best book cover design UK, with years of experience to design covers for quite a few bestselling books of the same genre.

At self-publishing agency you collaborate with can help you connect with a talented cover designer, capable of assuring you with an impactful cover design and layout design of the book that will be either published online on Kindle self publishing or printed versions. For the latter, you should put emphasis on the three-layered cover design including the front, spiral and the back.

Discuss your expectations of the cover design with the creative personality so that they can design the covers by focusing on the storyline, major characters and the genre. Today’s readers are more attracted towards the covers despite the warning of not judging the book by its cover. To entice the potential buyers of your book, make the cover designs more creative and connected to the theme of your content.

Hire a digital marketing agency/freelancer 

For a professional promotion of your new book, hire a digital marketing agency or a freelancer who can shoulder the marketing of your book strategically. Whether you publish the book in an eBook format by using the Amazon book publishing UK platform or print it in hardcopies or paperbacks, growing the awareness of the book is mandatory to earn more profits and let it get a position among the bestsellers.

Collaborate with an ace marketing team for immaculate online marketing. As most readers spend time online using social media and email marketing will bring more leads. The digital marketing experts also depend on Amazon advertising to promote the book on Amazon. By creating a short trailer of the book they start their promotional activities by targeting the audiences that can be converted into buyers of your book.

They do strategic PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising to let more target audiences know about the book you launched in the recent past or about to be launched.

With SEO and content activities, improving sales is possible. Start with creating a website for your book where you can write blogs about different relevant topics about the book and similar subject matter to grow interest among readers.

You can easily go for social media profiles to post images, short videos and quotes from the book to allow more and more readers to find interest in buying and reading your book. Use the keywords strategically with hashtags to drive more potential readers to your posts.

Launch your book 

You can unveil the launching date of your new book as an eBook or print on a certain date. Let the readers know about the launching date and time so that they can keep an eye on the website or social media profiles you create.

You can also set up an event at a local auditorium or a bookstore nearby to unveil your new book. If you are already a known writer then the customers might want to have a signed copy. As a debutant author, you can provide a token gift such as a metallic bookmark, a pen, a brooch etc. as a mark of your thankfulness to the readers for accepting you.

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Wednesday 6 December 2023

How to Self-Publish on Kindle?

Self publishing is now all the rage. With Amazon publishing UK, a very powerful engine allows you to publish any type of book that you can then convert to hardbound or paperback books, as well as ebooks compatible with computers and e-readers.

It is not that difficult to convert book to ebook or publish on Amazon. This guide will help you do this with little problems encountered.

Create a Kindle Account

The first step you need to start publishing to take is to create a KDP, or Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, account. Just follow the steps in the prompts.

You just have to provide a username and password that is secure and eay to remember. Also, some personal information is also needed to complete your registration into the Amazon KDP program.

Set Up Your EBook Details

Once your account has been set up, you would need to add your book. The site will ask for information such as the title, language, author name, and your book description, among others.

You will also need to enter publishing rights, as well categories, tags, and age group targets.

These last three bits of information are very necessary as they will help your book reach your potential readers and make them easily searchable.

You can also set DRM rights for your book. DRM rights ensure that your books cannot be copied and sent to other people. However, it can be lent. This will help prevent piracy of your book so we recommend that you activate this feature.

Upload Your Book

You need to upload your book so that it can be converted. The system accepts document or PDF formats. It can also accept documents with images.

Some illustrations and artwork are good for your book so it would look more pleasing and easier to read. This is particularly true for books geared more towards children.

To enhance the look of your book before uploading, there are children’s illustrator for hire that can help give your book more personality and appeal.

Make sure that your book is converted properly. Some authors suggest that you convert your document first into an epub file before you upload it so that formatting would be better.

It is also here where you would upload your book cover. The more professionally-made, the better. Freelancers provide cheap services so that you can have illustrated books that are more attractive and can sell better.

After settings preferences and other information, you can proceed to the next step to publishing your book.

Set Up Your Pricing

In this next section, you will set how much your book will go for. Royalty settings are needed, too, so you know how much goes to you and how much goes to Amazon for every book of yours that gets sold.

Here, you will also be able to set up if you would allow lending for your book. In some cases, this is a requirement especially if you want higher royalty figures.

If everything is ready and set up, then congratulations! Ready to publish now?

Publish Your Book

Once everything is ready, you have the option to publish as an ebook format like epub or mobi ,or as a paperback. The latter is very easy as the bulk of the work has already been accomplished.

Once published, your ebook can now be available on the territories that you have selected, and it would also be searchable on the Amazon eBooks page.

Publishing actual books can be a bit more complicated, and while you can hire a self-publishing company UK, doing it through Amazon can be more convenient in some cases.

Publishing physical books will also take some time and cost a lot more, but it has benefits that ebooks cannot be able to provide.

There are different advantages and disadvantages of either format, but going with either or both will definitely not hurt if you want to reach the widest market possible.

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Sunday 29 October 2023

Book Conversion to Ebooks - Are Ebooks Worth It?

 Ebooks are all the rage these days, and many of the popular literature from world-renowned authors undergo book conversion to ebooks to take advantage of this trend.

The past decade saw a steep rise in ebook purchases, and it is not showing any signs of stopping soon. While statistics do not signify a consistently upward trend, it is definite proof that ebooks are here to stay.

There are many reasons as to why ebooks have become more popular. This is also why many new or wannabe authors utilize Kindle book publishing to be able to easily market their books in ebook format.

First and foremost, ebooks are much more portable than actual books. A kindle can hold thousands of books and takes up less space than an iPad. A book collection, on the other hand, can easily take up an entire wall of your home.

Ebooks are also cheaper and definitely more portable. It is also very accessible as you can simply log onto the Amazon store and pick any book that you want.

This is definitely the easier route compared to physically going to a bookstore and then finding out that the book that you want is not in stock.

Still, there is still a certain charm that actual soft or hardbound books have. This is why actual books will not go out of style. Even new authors trying to break into the business still utilize self publishing book UK so that they can still reach bookshelves and actually have a product that you can hold.

Amazon book publishing services allow for both physical books and ebooks. Ultimately, it would be your choice on which format to publish in, or both.

It is also going to be your option if you would like to purchase a physical book or an ebook. Both have their pros and cons but either format will be able to give you the information or entertainment that you need.

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How to Hire an Illustrator When Self-publishing?

  Children’s book writers most of the time need to collaborate with a professional illustrator to draw the cartoons of the characters or any...